It can be tried! It’s a Diet That Will Be a Trend in 2018

New year begins with good things, eg trying to realize the resolution that has been made. One definite resolution on health. Some want to lose weight, some who want to diligent exercise, some are wanting to quit smoking.

Who is healthy resolution in the new year applying diet? Most people are hesitant about choosing this type of diet, because they are afraid the diet they choose does not work.

Reporting from, these five diets are predicted to be a trend in 2018.

1. Dash diet

This diet is designed to help people lower blood pressure for those with hypertension. Usually eating foods mixed with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, and low-fat milk. And reduce the salt intake that can trigger increased blood pressure.

People who apply this diet is affirmed to not at least eat foods containing saturated fats, sweet drinks, candy, fatty milk.

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2. Flexitarian diet

Flexitarian is a combination of flexible and vegetarian words. This diet requires a person to eat foods that come from plants, such as vegetables and fruits all the time. But on this diet does not require to stop eating meat-dagingan, should be reduced.

3. Weight watchers diet

Weight watchers diet does not mean we have to watch your weight every time. But this diet is a diet that limits your daily caloric intake, so that the calories burned more than the calories that come in.

This diet requires one to calculate the caloric intake of the food well. This diet demands discipline from its application.

4. Mind diet

Mind diet is a mixture of dash and mediterranean diet. It is known that the Mediterranean diet is a fairly disciplined diet in the selection of food. So, people who apply the mind diet can consume ten food groups, namely green vegetables, all kinds of vegetables, nuts, seeds, fish, poultry, oil, and wine. Tenth food types are considered good for brain health.

While the foods to avoid fall into five types of food, namely red meat, butter or margarine, cheese, candy, and fast food or junk food.

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5. Volumetrics diet

This diet is suitable for people who like to eat. The reason, this diet does not apply a reduction in the portion of the meal, but noticed the number of calories and fat consumed. The requirement to apply this diet is to be fond of vegetables and fruits. Because this diet aims to make people satisfied with large portions, but the weight does not rise because it is not much to consume calories and fat.

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