Hello Caribbean!

Have a glorious traveler to visit the place so the title of the movie Johny Depp, Pirates of Caribbean? If so, this is the place in Las Terrenas, Samana, Dominican Republic.

I will stay and enjoy this place for about 6 weeks. Basically the atmosphere is almost the same as some parts of Bali. Masi trees on the green, the motor is everywhere, easy to find a street dog.

The only difference is the language, Spanish and Italian. So I can only use body language, or ask for transliteration machine.

If you look from the atmosphere, the situation that I feel, it feels like something! Beautiful! But, yes still in Indonesia also many similar.

It’s true the farther we go, the more we see, Indonesia still has everything human beings look for all over the world.

Las Terrenas is very small place. Maybe like a village. You can go anywhere with motor until stuck. There is no such thing as a mall.

Continue, if you want to go to school also to the city. Well reasonable, my two weeks here alone is starting to die ticks. So mending intention to meet some people who want to go to the island sebrang to be able to see whales, stalagmite stalagtit.

The currency used is Peso DR. Every night people were dancing joget marengge, bacata, salsa

Discussing culinary, I like ceviche best, fresh raw fish only salt and sour. I’m so easy to find fish here, I’ve seen a young man swam slightly to the middle, right back to the edge has managed to bring the catch. There is also a cycling salesman dengangannya fried cassava and fried pork.

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