Returning to Edo Era in Japan

Japan is indeed advanced in the field of technology. But they also do not forget their history and culture in the past. Because Japan has a tourist village of the Edo period.

The Edo period is the beginning of modern times in Japan. This period began when the first Shogun (General) Tokugawa Ieyasu established the Tokugawa shogunate in Edo.

Edo period occurred around the years 1603 – 1868. This period is characterized by the start of the stability of population, economic growth and began the development of art and culture. Edo Wonderland is located in Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture.

For Towards Nikko I departed from Tokyo Asakusa station using Tobu Railways, with train distance approximately 2 hours. Arriving at Nikko Station Kinugawa-Onsen there is a free shuttle Bus Edo Wonderland that will immediately lead us to get there. Admission prices for Edo Wonderland for adults are 4,700 yen and for children aged 12 and under 2,400 yen.

Welcome to Edo Wonderland, the first impression I felt was to be amazed by the natural beauty of this Edo region with the great mountains that surround the atmosphere become cool.

Once entering the Edo Wonderland area of ​​the gate have seen clerks in classical shirts like the Edo period, and do not be surprised that other English speakers when we go to Osaka or Tokyo, the people in this Edo Wonderland area are almost all native inhabitants in English language.

The buildings inside Edo Wonderland are like bringing us back to the past. For you as a visitor can rent kimono or samurai clothes during a tour in Edo Wonderland. I personally chose not to use a kimono because I wanted to follow the ninja and samurai training classes as well as the sloping house ninja style. But I took the time to do a photo studio with a kimono outfit.

The performances in Edo Wonderland vary, according to their original culture and also the place in Edo period. There is a cinema in the Edo era that the film about samurai, there are drama and magic theater and dance, there are ninja show, there samurai show, magic to ghost house also exist.

The food provided in Edo Wonderland is also original food in Edo period. As Kakisoba is a cold soba mise with vegetables and tempura, then there is also yakitori sate, then there is Tori Soba-ya ramen which is cooked for about 8 hours.

Various authentic teas and other snacks are also found here. Goods are sold in Edo Wonderland is also appropriate Edo era of clogs, adult kimono, small kimono to knacks of woven knacks also exist.

Most impressive to me is when trying to tilt the house and follow the ninja training. To sloping home slope can really make us fall. It looks like a flat house but as you enter gravity it changes instantly.

This sloping house consists of 2 floors if 1st floor is not strong you can get out at the side door. As for the practice of ninja we are taught ninja tricks by entering the ninja house named kai-kai Ninja. Then through the barricade of incline in the house, inside we will climb and crawl in a narrow area.

For a show that should not be missed is the Ninja Show, which tells the story of the following ninja with a very good ninja-ninja action. With theater a la the past we watched the nipples of the ninja in action and jump from various sides.

This is one of the most popular mainstay shows in Edo Wonderland. To schedule shows on that day are explained on the show boards alongside the road like ancient or in pamphlets that we can take at the entrance.

Photography lovers certainly will not run out for photo hunting in Edo Wonderland. You will feel the beauty of this very classic village typical of Japan past time.

Various corners can be explored from old homes, warehouses, old-time toilets, Kodenma prisons, magnificent rulers in the Chishu Daimyo area, river bridges and canoe boats and much more.

The cleanliness is unquestionable as is typical of Japanese culture from the past until now there is no garbage scattered and the toilet is also very clean. I applaud how the government preserves Japanese culture by maintaining this original and classical area.

So until whenever the people will remember its history in antiquity like what. So for those of you who will vacation to Japan do not forget to visit Edo Wonderland and feel the beauty of walking in the Edo period.

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